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« Vastaus #25 : Kesäkuu 29, 2003, 19:41:21 »
Okei. Minä vihaan Umbridgea. Mutten voi olla rakastamatta sitä, millaisia tunteita se aiheuttaa. Toisella lukukerralla aloin itseasiassa tietyllä tavoilla ihailla sitä naista.

There will be no need to speak.

This is school, not the real world.

There is nothing waiting outside.


Tietysti paljon muutakin aivan ihanaa, varsinkin McGonagall korotti pisteitään silmissäni runsaasti. Lisäksi Dumbledore oikeudenkäynnissä ja DA-kuulustelussa oli ihana.


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« Vastaus #26 : Kesäkuu 29, 2003, 20:13:44 »
Te kirjoititte jo parhaimmat, tässä muutama lisää:

'Yeah, Quirrel was a great teacher,' said Harry loudly, 'there was just that minor drawback of him having Lord Voldemort sticking out of the back of his head.'

'You should have told her differently,' said Hermione, still with that maddeningly patient air. ' You should have said it was really annoying, but I made you promise to come along to the Tree Broomsticks, and you really didn't want to go, you'd much rather spend the whole day with here, but unfortunately you thought you really ought to meet me and would she please, please come along with you and hopefully you'de be able to get away more quickly. And it might have been a good idea mention how ugly you think I am, too,' Hermione added as an afterthought.



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« Vastaus #27 : Kesäkuu 29, 2003, 21:25:47 »
Hiih, useat loistavista repliikeistä ja kohdista on sanottu, mutta lisäilempäs vielä jotain, jotka jäivät mieleen ja naurattivat... ^^

Harry descended the stairs, stowing his wand in the back pocket of his jeans as he came.
'Don't put your wand there, boy!' roared Moody. 'What if it ignited? Beteer wizards than you have lost buttocks, you know!'
'Who d'you know who's lost a buttock?' the violet-haired woman asked Mad-Eye interestedly.


Lisäilen lissää myöhemmin, äiteen pitää päästä pankkiin maksamaan lakuja, tai siis laskuja. :P


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« Vastaus #28 : Kesäkuu 29, 2003, 23:37:15 »
Hih. Parhaimmat on jo kirjoiteltu pariin kertaan, joten pistän muutaman hyvän kakkosen omasta listastani.

"'And from now on, I don't care if my tea-leaves spell die, Ron, die - I'm just chucking them in the bin where they belong'"
Hih. Ronhan se. Kovasti enemmän tykkäsin tämän kirjan Ronista kuin aikaisempien, ihan vain näin sivuhuomautuksena.

"'That,' said Firenze calmly, 'is human nonsense.'"
Firenze, ensimmäisellä ennustustunnillaan. Kentaureissa on asennetta!

"'You know, Minister, I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts ... but you cannot deny he's got style...'"
Phineas Nigellus. Tsih. Dumble rocks :)


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« Vastaus #29 : Kesäkuu 30, 2003, 13:30:06 »
Joku niistä OWL-tarkistajista tai joku sanoi Dumblesta koetilanteessa: did things with the wand i had never seen before... ei kaksimielistä tai mitään...

Poissa Eru

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Parhaat sitaatit
« Vastaus #30 : Kesäkuu 30, 2003, 19:40:50 »
En ole kieromielinen mutta taas oli joku Uranus-juttu... Hyi hyi hyi! Ja taisi olla taas Ron, joka sen väläytti. Kirja ei ole nyt käsillä, joten laitan tarkan sitaatin myöhemmin.

(tai joku ystävällismielinenvoi sen laittaa jos ehtii :O) )
Kanjikaveri - opi japania!
suomi-japani-suomi  -sanakirja
Keskustele japanin kielestä ja kulttuurista foorumilla


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« Vastaus #31 : Heinäkuu 01, 2003, 02:28:11 »
Keksijuttu oli hauska kyllä.:)

Hyvin slashittyneenä kaikki vähänkin hassut kommentit pistivät silmääni, mutta kaikkein eniten se kohta, kun Harry oli Snapen muistoissa, ja kelmit makasivat auringossa puun alla.
(kun nyt löytäisin sen kohdan...)

...which left Harry free to sit down on the grass between the beech and the bushes and watch the foursome under the tree.

Mä näen slashia joka puolella muutenkin, kuvitelkaa mitä kieroutunut mieleni tuosta väänsi.:D

Poissa Sarana

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« Vastaus #32 : Heinäkuu 01, 2003, 15:25:46 »
Hermione Harrylle: 'Well, they're writing about you as though you're this deluded, attention-seeking person who thinks he's a great tragic hero or something.'

'I - not - I haven't got time to listen to house-elves! Anyway, that's not the only - he blew up his aunt, for God's sake!' Fudge shouted, banging his fist on the judge's bench and upsetting a bottle of ink.
'And you very kindly did not press charges on that occasion, accepting, I presume, that even the best wizards cannot always control their emotions,' said Dumbledore calmly, as Fudge attempted to scrub the ink off his notes.

'Well, well, well... Patronus Potter,' said Lucius Malfoy coolly.
Harry felt winded, as though he had just walked into something solid. He had last seen those cold grey eyes through slits in a Death Eater's hood, and last heard that man's voice jeering in a dark graveyard while Lord Voldemort tortured him.

'Would you like us to clean out your ears for you?' enquired George, pulling a long and lethal-looking metal instrument from inside one of Zonko's bags.
'Or any part of your body, really, we're not fussy where we stick this,' said Fred.

'You just had to be nice to her,' said Hermione, looking up anxiously. 'You were, weren't you?'
'Well,' said Harry, an unpleasant heat creeping up his face, 'I sort of - patted her on the back a bit.'

A clean cauldron keeps potions from becoming poisons.

Harryn angstattua tapansa mukaan:

'You know,' said Phineas Nigellus, even more loudly than Harry, 'this is precisely why I loathed being a teacher! Young people are so infernally convinced that they are absolutely right about everything. Has it not occured to you, my poor puffed-up popinjay, that there might be an excellent reason why the Headmaster of Hogwarts is not confiding every tiny detail of his plans to you? Have you never paused, while feeling hard-done-by, to note that following Dumbledore's orders has never yet led you into harm? No. No, like all young people, you are quite sure that you alone feel and think, you alone recognise danger, you alone are the only clever enough to realise what the Dark Lord may be planning -'
'He is planning something to do with me, then?' said Harry swiftly.
'Did I say that?' said Phineas Nigellus, idly examining his silk gloves. 'Now, if you will excuse me, I have better things to do than listen to adolescent agonising... good-day to you.'

HURRAY! Finally someone said it out loud!

Harry threw him [Snape] a filthy look before doing as he was told. He did not like the idea of standing there with his eyes shut while Snape faced him, carrying a wand.

And Peeves, who Harry had never seen take an order from a student before, swept his belled hat from his head and sprang to salute as Fred and George wheeled about to tumultuos applause from the students below and sped out of the open front doors into the glorious sunset.


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« Vastaus #33 : Heinäkuu 01, 2003, 15:49:14 »
Vau, kukaan ei ole maininnut minun parhaita paloja! :D

"I told you- they suck all the happiness out of you" said Harry. "and if they get the chance, they kiss you-"
"Kiss you?" said Uncle Vernon, his eyes popping slightly. "Kiss you?"

s. 36 -Harry ja Vernon
Kuulosti varmaan _aika_ uskomattomalta Vernonin korviin ^^

"Shows... signs... of... pleasure... at... idea... of....violence," muttered Umbridge, scribbling on her clipboard again.
s. 396 -Umbridge
*Totaalinen repeäminen*

"Hey Harry, there are brains brains in here, ha ha ha, isn't that weird, Harry?"
s. 703 -Ron

"Accio brain!"
s. 703 -Ron, jälleen kerran

"Harry, we saw Uranus up close!" said Ron, still giggling feebly. "Get it, Harry? We saw Uranus- ha ha ha-"
s. 701 -Ron
Ole hyvä Eru ;)


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« Vastaus #34 : Heinäkuu 01, 2003, 15:49:52 »
'But you get these massive pus-filled boils, too, 'said George, 'and we haven't worked out how to get rid of them yet.'
'I can't see any boils,' said Ron, staring at the twins.
'No, well, you wouldn't,' said Fred darkly, 'they're not in a place we generally display to the public.'
'But they make sitting on a broom a right pain in the --'

Jos mahdollista, olen vieläkin rakastuneempi kaksosiin.


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Parhaat sitaatit
« Vastaus #35 : Heinäkuu 03, 2003, 13:39:00 »
Ensinnäkin voin sanoa että vitonen on tähän mennessä hauskin Pottereista!

Tässä nauroin hysteerisesti:
'I - not - I haven't got time to listen to house-elves! Anyway, that's not the only - he blew up his aunt, for God's sake!'

Fudge on hassu :p

Ihmettelen suuresti ettei kukaan ole vielä maininnut tätä, oli kello kaksi yöllä ja nauroin tyynyyn mahd. hiljaa..:
"Harry had to admit that the poster was not quite as funny after an hour or two, especially when the talking spell had started to wear off, so that it merely shouted disconnected words like
at more and more frequent intervals in a progressively higher voice"

DUNG... hiihoo :p

Ehkä kaikkein paras:
Cedric gave me lots of chocolate frog cards!!"

En nyt ole ihan varma miten tuo meni kun en enää löytänyt sitä kohtaa kirjasta...

Jade Twist

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« Vastaus #36 : Heinäkuu 03, 2003, 14:06:44 »
1. Lee Jordan huispaus ottelussa Angelinasta.

`And it`s Johnson- Johnson with the Quaffle, what a player that girl is, I`ve been saying it for years but she still won`t go out with me-`  :D
`JORDAN!` yelled Professor McGonagal.
`-just a fun fact, Professor, adds a bit of interest-.....

2. Puhetta arvioinnista.

`So top grade`s "O" for "Outstanding",` she was saying, `and then there`s "A"-`
`No, "E", `George corrected her, `"E" for "Exceeds Expectations". And I`ve always thought Fred and I should`ve got "E" in everything, beacause we exeed expectations just by turning up for the exams.`  :D
 They all laughed except Hermione, who ploughed on, `SO, after "E" it`s "A" for "Acceptable", and that`s the last pass grade, isn`t it?`
`Yep,` said Fred, dunking an entire roll in his soup, transferring it to his mouth and swallowing it whole.
`Then you get "P" for "Poor"-`Ron raised both his arms in mock celebration-` and "D" for "Dreadful".`
`And then "T",` George remained him.
`"T"?` asked Hermione, looking appalled. `Even lower than a "D"? What on earth does "T" stand for?`
`"Troll"` sid George promptly.   :D
Harry laughed again, though he was not sure whether or not George was joking.

Heh, heh. ja ketään ei tietenkään naurattanut yhtään, mutta minusta nuo oli hauskoja.

+ Fred sanoo Hermionelle, kun tämä utelee mistä kaksoset ovat saaneet rahaa.
 `Ask us no questions and we`ll tell you no lies, Hermione`


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« Vastaus #37 : Heinäkuu 03, 2003, 17:45:18 »
Kaikki hauskimmat on jo melkein laitettu, enkä rupea niitä toistamaan.
Mutta tulihan todistettua ettei Ginny ole mikään pilipalivetistelijä vaan siinä on ytyä! Se yllätti ainakin mut monta kertaa..

Mutta kaikista kuolemattomin, mutta niin itsevarma, sarkastinen, uhmaava, niin Siriusmainen...

'Come on, you can do better than that!' he yelled, his voice echoing around the cavernous room.
-Siriuksen viimeiset sanat-


Natunas le Fui

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« Vastaus #38 : Heinäkuu 03, 2003, 18:16:41 »
Minun aivan pakko laittaa tämä, vaikka on kielletty laittamasta "joo, toi oli hyvä" -viestejä.

Minä nauroin eniten sille Fudgen kommentille Lord- Thingy...
*Missä se jeesusteippi viipyy*

Thingy? /Metallicalla on sellainen kappale kuin Face the thing that should not been ja se on lyhennetty aina Thingy... aaaaahaaahhaa! Ja jos joku ajattelee samalla tavalla kuin minä saattaa hyvin ymmärtää kuinka hauskaa tuo on/
Eikä tuo edes ollut hauskin kohta.

Poissa Ranloo

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Parhaat sitaatit
« Vastaus #39 : Heinäkuu 03, 2003, 23:28:38 »
Kuten joku jo mainitsikin

'Harry, we saw Uranus up close!' said Ron, still giggling feebly. 'Get it Harry? We saw Uranus - ha ha ha -'


'Hey, Herry, there are brains in here, ha ha ha, isn't that weird, Harry?'

Vaikka molemmat oli jo mainittu oli pakko vielä mainita, sillä pienellä lisähuomautuksella että tässä vaiheessa kirjaa olin jo niin epätoivoinen Siriuksen puolesta ettäkun luin kyseiset repliikit olin tukehtua tyynyyni ja itkunsekaiseen psykopaattinauruun. Taisi olla harvinaisen kovaääninen tukehtuminen kun mutsikin tuli ovelle äärimmäisen huolestuneen näköisenä katsastamaan tilannetta.


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« Vastaus #40 : Heinäkuu 04, 2003, 23:59:45 »
Kaikki parhaimmisto on jo mainittu, mutta äsken kirjaa selaillessa muistin tämän.

'ARE YOU MAD, MAD-EYE?' Tonks screamed from the front.

Ei varmaankaan kuulunut olla huvittava, mutta ainakin minua nauratti.


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« Vastaus #41 : Heinäkuu 05, 2003, 11:59:58 »
Kaikki edellä mainitut kuuluvat parhaimmistoon,mutta en voinut kun revetä kun Sirius lauloi silloin jouluna:

God Rest Ye Merry Hippogriffs...

Poissa Viveka

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Parhaat sitaatit
« Vastaus #42 : Heinäkuu 05, 2003, 16:11:26 »
Nmä ovat ne jotka jäivät mieleen, joita ei ole vielä sanottu...

"Did you like question ten Moony?" asked Sirius as they emerged into the entrance hall.
"Loved it," said Lupin briskly." 'Give five signs that identify the werewolf' Excelent question."
"D'you think you managed to get all the signs?" said James in tones of mock consern.
"Think I did," said Lupin seriously, as they joined the crowd thronging around the front doors eager to get out into the sunlit grounds. "One: He's sitting on my chair. Two: He's wearing my clothes. Three: He's name is Remus Lupin..."

"Anything good in there?" asked Ron as Harry cosed the magazine.
"Of course not" said hermione scathingly, before Harry could answer " The Quibbler is rubbish, everyone knows that."
"Excuse me," said Luna; her voice had suddenly lost its dreamy quality. "My father's the editor."

Repeilin molemmissa todella pahasti...
Kiinnostavatko kädentaidot, entä kokkaus?

Piparminttu Pipsa

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Parhaat sitaatit
« Vastaus #43 : Heinäkuu 06, 2003, 21:30:24 »
Mitä? Eiks kukaan oo laittanu tänne Riesun/Peevesin uutta laulua? Siis se mitä se hoilaa Harrysta.

 Mulla ei oo sitä kirjaa nyt käsillä, mut mä voin muoksia myöhemmin tai sitte jos joku vois laittaa sen tänne.:)

 muoks. Sainpahan sen lainasta, ikäväkin ehti tulla

 Eli näin se meni;

 Oh, most think he's barking, the potty wee lad,
But some are more kindly and thinks he's just sad,
But Peevesy knows better and says that he's mad-

Poissa Sinzirn

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Parhaat sitaatit
« Vastaus #44 : Heinäkuu 06, 2003, 22:20:16 »
Suurin osa hauskimmista kohdista tuli jo tossa, mutta sitten pidin kanssa tästä:

Harry: `Who´s going to be teaching me?´
Snape raised an eyebrow.
`I am,´he said.

ja näistä:

`That,´said Firenze calmly, `is human nonsense.´
`Professor Trelawney-´began Parvati, in a hurt and indignant voice.
`- is a human, ´said Firenze simply.

Mielestäni Firenzellä on huvittavia keskeytyksiä ja kommentteja.
"Kill your darling."
Oletko ikinä ollut vaeltamassa?

Unkki punkki

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Parhaat sitaatit
« Vastaus #45 : Heinäkuu 06, 2003, 22:39:17 »
Oi, tämä on ehdoton suosikkini:
-"Ron, we were supposed to show the first-years where to go!"
-"Oh yeah", said Ron, who had obviously forgotten. "Hey- hey, you lot! Midgets!"
- "Ron!"
- "Well, they are, they're titchy..."
- " I know, but you can't call them migdets!"

Oh, I just love Ronnie. ^.^

Poissa Kosminen Poro

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« Vastaus #46 : Heinäkuu 06, 2003, 23:05:07 »
Kukaan ei ole kirjoittanut tuota toista "ota keksi"- kohtaa. Minä hihittelin sille melkein enemmän kuin ensimmäiselle. Voin kuvitella Harryn ja McGarmiwan kohteliaasti räyhäävän toisilleen kekseistä. :p

She stood up, nostrils wide and mouth very thin, and Harry stood up, too.
"Have another biscuit," she said irritably, thrusting the tin at him.
"No thanks," said Harry coldly.
"Don't be ridiculous," she snapped.
He took one.
"Thanks," he said grudgingly.

Umbridgen tajuamattomuus ja järkähtämättömyys huvittivat väkisinkin. Fredin ja Georgen vitsit olivat selvästi "aikuisempia" kuin ennen. Ei enää mitään vessanpönttöhuumoria. Onneksi.

Taisin ensimmäisen kerran hihitellä OotP:n aikana, kun Harry kuunteli uutisia. Ei kai Rowling vain yritä sanoa, ettei tiedotusvälineillä ole enää mitään kunnon uutisia kerrottavana? o.O

"- and finally, Bungy the budgie has found a novel way of keeping cool this summer. Bungy, who lives at the Five Feathers in Barnsley, has learned to water ski! Mary Dorkins went to find out more."

Ehdottomasti liikuttavin kohta oli tämä:

He sat there for a long time, gazing out at the water, trying not to think about his godfather or to remember that it was directly across from here, on the opposite bank, that Sirius had once collapsed trying to fend off a hundred Dementors...
The sun had set before he realised he was cold. He got up and returned to the castle, wiping his face on his sleeve as he went.



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« Vastaus #47 : Heinäkuu 06, 2003, 23:48:36 »
'MASTER!' screamed Bellatrix.
Niin kaikenkattava, niin rehellinen, niin epätoivoinen, niin kaunis.

     'Come out, come out, little Harry!' she called in her mock baby voice, which echoed off the polished wooden floors. 'What did you come after me for, then? I thought you were here to avenge my dear cousin!'
     'I am!' shouted Harry, and a score of ghostly Harrys seemed to chorus
I am! I am! I am! all around the room.
     'Aaaaaah ... did you
love him, little baby Potter?'
     Hatred rosein Harry such as he had never known before; he flung him self out from behind the fountain and bellowed:

Ja tuosta eteenpäin jonkin matkaa. Bellatrix on niin ihana. Aivan rakastettava.

Ja, Snape's Worst Memoryssa oli paljon muistamisen arvoista kamaa, todella järkyttävää tekstiä.


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« Vastaus #48 : Heinäkuu 07, 2003, 17:22:26 »
"How was it?"
Harry considered for a moment.
"Wet," he said thrutfully.
Ron made a noise that might have indicated jubilation or disgust, it was hard to tell.
"Because she was crying," Harry continued heavily.
"Oh," said Ron, his smile fading slightly. "Are you that bad at kissing?"

Tuo on suosikkini. Bwhahah. XD


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« Vastaus #49 : Heinäkuu 07, 2003, 18:21:59 »
Ron kertoo Harrylle ennustamisen OWL:ista.

"Well, we were always going to fail that one," said Ron gloomily as they ascended the marble staircase. He had just made Harry feel rather better by telling him how he had told the examiner in detail about the ugly man with a wart on his nose in his crystal ball, only to look up and realise he had been describing his examiner´s reflection.